Here’s How To Stay Warm

Photo by tony samia:

A bone-chilling blast of icy arctic air from Canada is expected to bring bitter cold to much of the United States. In many places, temperatures will drop way below normal. This could be the coldest Christmas in 40 years. This weekend is expected to be cold and windy.

Besides making gumbo, dressing in layers, and pulling out all of the blankets, quilts, and jackets from the closet, here’s how to stay as warm as possible.

Cleco has offered tips on how to stay warm and conserve energy when the temperature drops to near freezing.

Cleco’s Tips to conserve energy and stay warm during the winter months:

Keep the thermostat set no higher than 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure the space heater’s plug is in good condition. If the plug is torn or frayed, it could be a fire hazard. Position the heater away from anything flammable including rugs, clothing and paper.

Seal leaks around and inside the house. If possible, install a programmable thermostat. And install new air filters.

During the day, when the sun is shining, open the windows to allow in the natural solar heat. At night, close the curtains, so the home’s heat stays inside.

Use energy-efficient bulbs and holiday lights.

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