Beware Zelle Scams

Photo by Tara Winstead:

Scammers are constantly refining their methods. There have been a wave of scams involving the money sharing app Zelle. One of the common ones involves an email or text, asking the potential victim to verify a large, fake transaction. This is likely to be followed by a phone call in which the Bank’s number is spoofed.

I had someone try to scam me over the weekend. A female messaged me, saying she was interested in buying some patio furniture. This female asked if I have Zelle. I replied no, I have Venmo. The female wanted me to set up Zelle, and offered to pay my asking price, sight unseen. This comment made me a little suspicious.

Zelle links to your bank account. Venmo doesn’t. Her messages came from an Instagram account. I messaged, inquiring why she isn’t on Facebook. No reply. Done with that.

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Source: cnet