Beware Online Shopping Scams

The internet isn’t always a safe place. That’s particularly true of social media. When shopping online, you have to be very careful. Scammers place ads to lure you in to bogus websites that compromise your financial information. The Better Business Bureau recommends caution when making online purchases. 

An ad for a desireable item appears, so you click on the link. Here’s where caution is critical. It takes you to a website that looks like that of a legitimate retailer, but it’s a scam website. Check the URL to be sure it’s the real deal. Scammers are good at creating look alike sites. Another good idea is to click out of the page you’re on and go to the retailer’s official website. That’s what I do. Check “reviews” and “scams.”  Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Source: BBB

Blog by Steve Wiley