The Ken Matthews Show

Ken Matthews is widely known for his guest hosting of The Rush Limbaugh Show for the last four years, including the final two episodes of the beloved program.

The Ken Matthews Show is a place where you can come to openly examine what is really going on in our country. We have everyday conversations about pop culture, people and politics, without censorship and trendy wokeness. Life is funny, even when it’s challenging; most listeners get this. You leave the show amused, entertained, and always informed.

This show takes the conversation beyond the news media narrative. The commentaries and discussions we have on The Ken Matthews Show are so much better than network news. Ken says, “That’s just another reason I love talk radio.”

Matthews quips about his program, “Politicians and elites have a tough time laughing at themselves… we more than make up for that on The Ken Matthews Show.”

Matthews explains his mindset, “I approach my show knowing I have an obligation to you, which I enjoy, to deliver humor, insight, and content you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. It’s important to me that you leave my show better informed, and just feeling better, than when you tuned in.”

Ken succeeded for decades in multiple radio formats, until he found his sweet spot having great conversations about what is important to Americans.

Matthews encourages his fellow Americans to “Join the conversation because it’s all about free speech. Use it or lose it!”

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