BBQ Nation

What could be more fun and rewarding than having a great passion and love for your job? That’s the way JT (Jeff Tracy) the host of BBQ Nation feels about his show. Known as “The Cowboy Cook”, JT has fond memories of sitting at the dinner table with his family. Changing this world, one recipe at a time Jeff intends to support listeners cooking desires by bringing the famous and sometimes the not so famous guests to BBQ Nation. Where else will you find the likes of Aaron Franklin, Steven Raichlen, Graham Kerr (The Galloping Gourmet)*, Tuffy Stone, Wayne Mueller, and James Drury (The Virginian). Nowhere other than BBQ Nation and that’s a fact. *It was Graham Kerr who inspired JT to cook as a young man. But that is a story for another time.

“BBQ is about bringing people together and building relationships that last” says JT. “It’s easy cooking for everyone, not just those living an outdoor lifestyle.”
At a time when people are looking for a meaningful way to connect with others, BBQ Nation reminds us that sitting down for a good meal is a great way to slow down and spend time together.

Earning his reputation in the entertainment industry, JT has extensive experience in syndicated radio as well as regular TV appearances as The Cowboy Cook on ABC affiliates across the West Coast. JT has also appeared in movies and was part of a reality series for Discovery. The title The Cowboy Cook not only is derived from where and how JT grew up but also his competing in the horse world where he won a number of National Championships and world titles starting at the age of 16

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